Dental Care that Solves Problems

Open the Yellow Pages (for you folks under 30, that's in the paper phone book you find next to some older wired telephones) and you will see any number of dentists who offer a whole list of various dental procedures like fillings, root canals, crowns, laser diagnosis, etc., etc. Most dentists do all those things. How are we different?

We offer what we have found to be the methods that work best in our hands to provide our patients with great quality, long lasting dental care that solves the problems and offers the best value. We forego some of the latest gadgets and fads if they don't improve the quality or value. One example of that would be a laser device to replace the "drill." The laser sounds like it is state of the art, but it smells like burning flesh and costs a fortune. Why pay huge fees to have a poor result just to say you have had the latest and greatest?