Headaches are Not Normal

Dr. Sachau headache relief.
Although many people, especially young women, suffer from headaches on a routine basis and learn to live with them, headaches are not normal. Headaches indicate that something is wrong. Over 30 percent of the population reports having headaches more than once per month. There are over 200 different medical causes for headache, but the vast majority of all headaches are the result of only one of these potential causes. That cause is muscle tension and fatigue that comes from clenching your teeth. This results in pain commonly in your temples and forehead, behind your eyes, and at the back of your neck just below your head.

It is important to have a proper exam and diagnosis to be assured that your headaches are not from one of the more serious causes, but once it is established that your headaches are of the muscle tension variety, we can offer a treatment that will effectively eliminate your headaches. It does not depend on any sort of drugs, injections, or surgery and costs less than the diagnostic procedures done by most neurologists.

If you are suffering from headaches more than once or twice per month, let us help you eliminate this from your life. It will put the smile back on your face and restore the twinkle in your eye.